CPCF Society – who are we?

The CPCF Society is a group of students within the department of Communication, Popular Culture and Film that organize social events, contests and competitions for Brock students. We promote live, in-person social networking with the other awesome students that you may or may not know in your department, and hopefully enhance your university experience.


CPCF Society Team 2014-2015

Our Mission

The 2014/2015 academic year at Brock is the CPCF Society’s tenth year running. Co-founded in 2004 by Paxton Allewell and Amy Graham, two ambitious students who saw an opportunity to help students support each other and grow within our department of Communication, Popular Culture and Film. The first CPCF Student Executive worked hard to outline to main focus and goals of the society.

“The mission of the Brock CPCF Society is to enrich the university experience of students interested in Communication, Popular Culture and Film, acting as an extension of the CPCF department, providing entertaining and enlightening activities to enhance the Brock University community.”

This year we are working hard to uphold the CPCF traditions by hosting some old and new events which are sure to be of interest to CPCF students!


  1. To provide an outlet where those students interested in communications, popular culture and film can further their learning and university experience.

  2. To bring students to enjoy fun activities related to communications, popular culture and film.

  3. To connect students with individuals who individuals who are active in professions related to communications, popular culture and film.


The Brock CPCF Society believes that organizations must lead by example. The following values are in instilled in the activities and actions of the Society:

  • Consideration

  • Creativity

  • Enthusiasm

  • Initiative

  • Integrity

  • Leadership

  • Team Work